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The domain of L’îlot Fruits Guadeloupe is a property largely based on the development of a diversified and authentic Creole orchard to the great pleasure of our visitors.

It includes a plantation of several hundred fruit trees, coffee, papaya, avocadoes and numerous others. The property allows you to wander and discover exotic flowers such as porcelain roses, tricolour balisiers, red alpinias, birds of paradise and to smell the seductive smell of the l’ylang-ylang.Our principal activity is aimed at the production and sale of citrus fruits and coffee beans. We are anticipating enlarging our orchard and to develop a vegetable garden in order to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our guests at L’îlot Fruits Guadeloupe.

A stay at the domain of L’îlot Fruits Guadeloupe shows that you are sensible to travel in a responsible manner and that you are seeking a different type of holidays.

We are situated in Guadeloupe in the French West Indies, but we belong to the Earth. Here we sort, recycle and compost.

The villa and each of our cottages has their own photovoltaic generating station which allows you to keep your food refrigerated, provide your lighting and allows you to take a hot shower while having no impact on EDF (Électricité de France) Guadeloupe.

Our situation on a mountainous plateau also provides natural air conditionning by the trade winds.

Our agricultural activities, at the heart of our mission, are completely biological and our fruits, coffee and vegetables receive no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

When you feel like putting health in your life, go ahead and pick a grapefruit, orange, avocado or carambole.

L’îlot Fruits Guadeloupe is a 2 hectare (5 acres) agro-tourism estate situated on a plateau between the sea and the mountains at Trois Rivières.

You will be charmed by the natural beauty of this spectacular site which offers a stunning view on Les Saintes and the Mont Caraïbes.

Situated close to the Parc National de la Guadeloupe and its highest peak, the Soufrière volcano, you will have easy access to a large number of outdoor activities, beautiful beaches and the administrative capital of Basse-Terre and its services.

With a large 196 m2 villa, 4 independent 47 m2 cottages, a central swimming pool, you will be staying in the heart of an authentic Creole orchard and a beautiful flower garden which make this property so unique.

Like us, you will fall in love with L’îlot Fruits Guadeloupe.